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The Conjuring

Amityville Horror meets Ghostbusters meet Poltergeist meets The Exorcist equals The Conjuring, a horror movie that meets the criteria of a classic ghost story: very little gore and on-time delivery of shrieks and screams.

Based on a real-life case of real ghostbusters, husband-and-wife Ed and Lorraine Warren, writers Carey and Chad Hayes did a screenplay so well it did justice to the well-fleshed characterizations of the Warrens and complimented director James Wan’s gradual build-up of suspense, the tension handed out in every scene in small doses, until even just flicking the light switch shoots up your blood pressure.

The eerie sound effects and the even more eerie music makes you hover between biting your knuckles and jumping from your seat, not to mention great acting from horror genre veteran Vera Farmiga, who has dethroned Jamie Lee Curtis as Queen of Scream, with her portrayal of Lorraine Warren, a woman at the edge of a psychological breakdown who must otherwise keep calm amidst supernatural danger.

Tightly edited, superbly written and excellently directed, a movie worth seeing on movie2k. The Conjuring might yet be one of those free online movies you wouldn’t have minded paying the usual ticket price for.


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