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Max Steel Movie4k
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Max Steel (2015)

Max Steel is one of 2015’s highly anticipated films set to be released on 28 August 2015. Ben Winchell, Andy Garcia and Ana Villafañe leads the cast while Stewart Hendler leads the production and Christopher Yost writes the screenplay. Filming began in 29 April 2014 with Dolphin Films and Mattel Entertainment as co-producers.

When Max McGrath, an otherwise normal teenager, discovers his body can generate at will a powerful energy, he bonds with Steel, a mysterious techno-organic alien. Together the two unite as Max Steel, superheroes and friends, whose primary purposes are to fight an extraterrestrial threat and unlock their pasts’ secrets.

Max Steel is an origin story that fans will love for its fast-paced action, insightful dialogues into the characters’ origins, and great special effects. The friends must work through their differences as a human and alien in their mutual fight for the common good. Watch Max Steel upon its release on movie4k.to now!


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American Ultra Movie4k
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American Ultra (2015)

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart stars in the action-comedy film as unlikely romantic partners who complement each other’s eccentricities. Nima Nourizadeh takes the helm while Max Landis takes the writing credits. Topher Grace, John Leguizamo, and Bill Pullman, among others, provide the great supporting cast.

Mike Howell (Eisenberg) is a small-town stoner whose life revolves around relying on Phoebe (Stewart), his girlfriend, in many ways, getting high on drugs, and writing a graphic novel without getting anywhere near its end. But Mike doesn’t remember that he is a highly-trained CIA agent with lethal skills.

When the CIA planned to deactivate him, his former handler awakens his dormant skills so that he can defend himself and his girlfriend. And the caper begins! American Ultra is a brash yet inventive romantic film that showcases its two stars’ natural chemistry and acting skills. Eisenberg plays Mike in a manner that makes viewers empathize with his struggles yet laughs at his foibles while Stewart proves why she remains one of the A-list Hollywood stars today. Watch American Ultra at movie 4k today and ride its rollercoaster!


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Hitman- Agent 47 Movie4k
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Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

 Rupert Friend stars as the stoic assassin known as Agent 47 in the action film Hitman: Agent 47. Other actors include Zachary Quinto, Hannah Ware, and Ciarán Hinds. Aleksander Bach directs the film while Skip Woods and Michael Finch write its screenplay.

Since the movie itself is based on the popular Hitman videogame series, viewers can expect plenty of action with as little dialogue as necessary to make the plot clear. Agent 47, an elite assassin with unprecedented speed, stamina and strength as well as intelligence, works together with a woman. Their common purpose: To stop the efforts of a mega-corporation to uncover the secrets of his genetic engineering and, thus, to stop the production of clones with more power than he has now.

The action scenes are among the most exciting in 2015, which its primary demographic of 15-20 year old gamers will love. But even when you have yet to play the game, you will love the action movie’s fast-paced scenes. Watch free movies online including Hitman: Agent 47 at movie2k today!


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Return to Sender Movie4k
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Return to Sender (2015)

Fouad Mikati directs Nick Nolte, Rosamund Pike and Shiloh Fernandez in the American thriller that tackles the mental and emotional trauma of rape. The characters must deal with the aftermath of the rape in their own ways, a few more unconventional than others.

Miranda (Pike) is a nurse in a small town who appears to have everything her little heart can desire – a nice house, a thriving career, and a supportive dad (Nolte). But she was raped by William (Fernandez), an event that sends her small yet happy world crashing down. In an effort to overcome her trauma, Miranda adopts an unconventional form of self-therapy that even her Dad finds frustrating especially because of the life-threatening situations she puts herself in.

Pike shows her acting mettle in the movie with her combination of cool-as-ice-exterior and hot-as-fire eyes belying her bitterness at her rape. Yet she makes puzzling choices after her rape, such as visiting her rapist in prison, which underlines the movie’s appeal. Watch Return to Sender on movie2k and see why Pike is one of the top actresses today.


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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Movie4k
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The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015)

Based on a popular 1960s television series with the same title, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is an action-comedy spy film starring three of Hollywood’s most charismatic men, Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, and Hugh Grant, as well as the beautiful Alicia Vikander. It was directed by Guy Ritchie who also shares co-writing credits with Lionel Wigram.

During the Cold War, KGB agent Illya Kuryakin (Hammer) and CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Cavill) must put aside their personal and professional animosity in order to save the world from the threat of nuclear weapons and technology. The duo must work against time to catch an international organization from using these weapons of mass destruction in destabilizing the already fragile balance of power.

While the film has relatively low-tech vibe about it because of the 1960s setting, this is one of its merits. Without the special effects, cinema lovers can appreciate the actors’ superb acting, the production’s attention to details, and the storyline’s fast pacing more. The chemistry between the two lead actors coupled with the retro cool soundtrack makes this caper a joy to watch at movie4k.


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Straight Outta Compton movie4k
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Straight Outta Compton (2015)

Set in the 80’s in Compton, California, this film delves deep within the lives of a couple of teenage men who’ve had tough experiences and trials in that dangerous part of the country. They’ve set out to tell about their experiences and express who they are through the music that’s made a mark in pop culture and music history as N.W.A. (Niggaz Wit Attitude). This is the group where famous music personalities such as Dr. Dre and Ice Cube originated from.

This film explores the rough lives they’ve had, dealing with gang wars, culture wars, police hatred, poverty, alcoholism and drugs, and how they’ve transformed such gritty circumstances into revolutionizing music though hip-hop beats and gangsta rap. You’ll definitely enjoy the energy of this film, with pulsating beats with edgy rap lyrics that speak volumes about fighting the system and rising through their daily struggles. This film does an excellent job in portraying a piece of musical history. I highly recommend it for music lovers, and do watch it at movie4k.to.


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Mission- Impossible - Rogue Nation movie4k
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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

You probably thought that this film franchise has died last 2011, but crowd-pleaser Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise proves to be unstoppable, as he embarks on yet again another mission. This time, he is set out to destroy a powerful group called the Syndicate. And as always, you can count on a full cinematic production featuring high-tech gadgetry, breathtaking stunts, exotic locations, and a plot that’s geared to present an action-packed thrill to the audience. Whilst there may be flat moments, the film still offers enough unexpected turns.

What’s quite refreshing about this fifth installment of the franchise is that the dialogue and writing are aspects you can count on to be a bit more refreshing than the previous installments as Pacific Rim screenwriter Drew Pearce has written the film. Gorgeous Rebecca Ferguson plays the always-present role of the foxy, stealthy cast whose presence gives the film quite a boost. You must see this film at movie2k.


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underdogs movie4k
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Underdogs (2015)

Underdogs is an animated film that offers something new to the table. It’s a charming about a foosball-addicted player and love-struck Jake, whose life revolves around his love of playing foosball and of course, his ultimate crush and romantic pursuit, Laura. His life turns upside down when a bully from his childhood neighborhood, named Flash, who also happens to be a skilled foosball player, kidnaps Laura and buys their town and destroys it to make way for a soccer stadium. The foosball players on Jake’s foosball table magically turns to life, and then they set out on an adventure to save Laura as well as the town.

This film boasts of a star-studded vocal cast, such as Ariana Grande (Laura), Katie Holmes, and John Leguizamo, to name a few. It’s a great film that’s suitable not only for children, but also quite enjoyable for adults as well. The 3D animation work is stellar, whilst the tiny foosball players offer the right amount of wackiness and fantasy to this story. I highly recommend you see this film at movies4k.


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The Bronze Movie4k
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The Bronze (2015)

This comedy film tells about the story of a former gymnast of Olympic fame, who because of an injury has lost her ability to compete in gymnastics again. Hope, played by Mellissa Rauch, is then back to her bitter, humdrum life, set in Amherst, Ohio, living in quasi-celebrity. She suddenly inherits $500,000 when her previous coach dies, but she cannot claim it unless she finds another gymnast from Amherst whom she can train as well. While she sets out to do this, she is thwarted by the new girl’s skills and feels threated as she might replace her reputation as Amherst’s well-loved Olympian gymnast.

What’s really entertaining about this is how Hope is a character who has a terrible personality. She is easy to hate and easy to love as well. This film isn’t a mainstream comedy, but it’s one that makes us reminiscent of the kind of comedy that Seinfeld popularized. It’ll be great if you can see this at movies4k.


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Irrational Man MOvie4k
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Irrational Man (2015)

Woody Allen again proves he is an unstoppable, brilliant filmmaker with Irrational Man, a story about an unconventional professor Abe Lucas, played by the amazing Joaquin Phoenix, who is a quite a philosopher, who teaches Ethical Strategies class at a small Rhode Island college. His presence stirs up the campus as rumors about his reputation precede him. Emma Stone plays the role of Abe’s student, and she develops a friendship with him.

Like most of Woody Allen’s work, much of the masterpiece and the body of the film lie in the dialogue. Allen is a masterful screenwriter, whose known for dark humor and wit. A lovely jazz soundtrack featuring the Ramsey Lewis Trio adds a classy touch. For followers of Woody Allen’s work such as myself, you will not be disappointed, so you must see this at movie4k.to.


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The Stanford Prison Experiment Movie4k
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The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015)

A popular study conducted by Dr. Philip Zimbardo (played by Billy Crudup in this film) aims to explore and understand the abusive culture in prisons. Dr. Zimbardo simulates a prison setup in the school, with the students to play the roles of prisoners, prison guards, and so on during one summer at Stanford University. The world is shocked by the results of this study as it has been revealed that prisoners can turn abusive in just a short period of time.

What provides a certain realness and edge to this film is that the film uses real transcripts from the study, and Dr. Philip Zimbardo himself worked on the film as well as a consultant. It’s a clinically harrowing film that is quite thought provoking and bothersome (in a good way) to the audience. This is a psychological masterpiece that’s worth any film buff’s time, and you should see it at movie2k right away.


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Masterminds Movie4k
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Masterminds (2015)

Jared Hess, director of cult comedy films Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite, is at it again with another crude comedy that stars Zach Galifianakis, who plays a man living a humdrum life as a David. A girl he likes to flirt with at work, played by comedienne Kristen Wiig, turns his world upside down as he is then transformed into a bank robbery accomplice, together with Owen Wilson. They manage to rob 17 million dollars. After which, they live a life on the run, especially Zach who is hunted by the police, and then betrayed by his partners.

This film is enjoyable if you enjoy a good balance of both dry and slapstick humor. Owen Wilson’s presence kicks up the plot up a notch, whilst Kirsten Wiig’s character will make you laugh out loud. It’s a nice, light comedy with Jared Hess’ distinct touch, though it might not reach cult status at Napoleon Dynamite. It’s the perfect film to unwind with on a Friday night, and you must see it at movie 4k.


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Fantastic Four Movie4k
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Fantastic Four (2015)

This is another remake of the super popular Marvel franchise, and with a more low-key cast— Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Miles Teller and Toby Kebbell. They set out on a quest to protect the Earth from evil forces. They travel to a dangerous, alternate universe, and learn to harness their newfound powers and gifts.

As a full-production Hollywood superhero flick, we are spoiled with a lot of special effects, cinematic grandeur, and all those trappings that make a typical superhero movie. The dialogue is a bit flat, though, and the plot is predictable just like most superhero flicks out there. A saving grace would be the cast, and a notable performance here is clearly Kate Mara as The Invisible Woman/Sue Storm. Surely this production has a lot of potential, and a Fantastic Four 2 sequel is set out for release in 2017 as well. So, you might be wondering what this remake has new to offer? Then you just have to watch it at movie4k.to.


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Ricki and the Flash Movie4k
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Ricki and the Flash (2015)

Meryl Streep never fails to amaze us all, and in this film she plays the role of Ricki, a rock and roll musicians who chooses to still follow her dream of stardom without letting her age hinder her. While on tour, her daughter was left by her husband, which then pulls her back to come home and help her and offer support. Back home she has to face a great deal of family issues, whilst rekindling relationships with her estranged children who’s always shunned her for what she is, a musician in love with rock music who seems to have never left the eighties.

This film shows us another side of Meryl Streep that proves she is as versatile as she is back then. In this film she plays the electric guitar and sings in a band, while donning leather jackes, braided hair and makeup suited to women a third of her age. It’s a nice drama that tugs on the heartstrings and offers a few laughs here and there, and you should see it movie 4k.


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Shaun the Sheep Movie Movie4k
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Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015)

This is an extremely adorable film that’s laugh-out-loud funny, great not only for children but also for adults and the whole family as well. This animated film tells about the adventure of Shaun the sheep with his adventures from the farm to the city. The rest of the flock ends up in the city because of some mischievous mix up. The rest of the flock hilariously struggle to stay safe and try to avoid animal containment in the big city. Their shenanigans in trying to blend in are great and highly entertaining to watch.

This animated movie uses an animated style reminiscent of the old Claymation style films, whose use in the present day goes against the grain of those elaborate 3D and 4D animated movies that grace the screens. This is a charming tale about a bunch of funny, adorable sheep that you should definitely see at movie4k.to.


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The Gift Movie4k
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The Gift (2015)

The Gift is a horror mystery thriller that revolves around the lives of Simon, played by Jason Bateman, and Robyn, played by Rebecca Hall. They are a young married couple whose existence will be disturbed by the presence of Simon’s old schoolmate named Gordo. A random chance encounter in a grocery store propels Gordo to follow the couple around, leaving threatening and mysterious clues that bring up some unfinished business or possible vengeance for something that occurred 25 years ago between Simon and Gordo, and eventually breaks the trust of Robyn with her husband.

This thriller plays upon scenes that are suspenseful enough to keep the audience’s attention throughout the rest of the film. The cinematography is masterful, and delivers an eerie, suburban atmosphere that’s not the usual “haunted house” kind of feel in horror flicks of this kind. Rebecca Hall’s enigmatic and sophisticated presence elevates this film quite a lot, too. It’s a worthwhile film you shouldn’t miss, so see it now at movie2k.


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Tangerine Movie4k
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Tangerine (2015)

This refreshing film stars a new face Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, who plays the role of a transgender working girl in downtown Los Angeles. After she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her whilst she was in prison, she and her best friend, another fellow transgender girl, embarks on a whirlwind quest to find him and get to the bottom of the whole rumored issue. She encounters several characters along the way, even an Armenian family who adds another dimension to the film’s plot.

This film explores the more realistic, darker themes of Los Angeles, whose glitz and glamour are usually the sides that are portrayed more often in cinema. Tangerine shows the struggles of being poor and transgendered in an edgy, comedic way that holds nothing back. What’s also noticeable about this film is its indie/low budget/reality TV type of camerawork that helps emphasize the plot. A great watch over at movie 4k, and very highly recommended to alternative film enthusiasts.


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Southpaw Movie4k
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Southpaw (2015)

Acclaimed actor Jake Gylenhaal has once again proved that he is an actor that pushes the limits, as he plays the role of Billy Hope, a successful boxer whose life turns upside down when a tragedy hits and he loses everything he’s worked hard for, destroys his marriage with his wife played by Rachel Mc Adams, and even loses the custody over her daughter. Whilst the plot may not be new, and can be easily dismissed as “not another boxing film”, Jake Gylenhaal’s performance is quite riveting and refreshing. If you’re a fan of him, his transformation into this heavy muscled, tattooed and scarred fighter will impress you. He goes all out with his acting, holding nothing back, and leaves all of us in awe.

Rachel McAdams performs excellently as usual, and just about adds a great balance of drama in Billy Hope’s relationship life. The soundtrack to this film is also created and produced by famed rapper Eminem, which in my opinion could have been better as rap didn’t suit the film too much. This is a great film that’s not to be missed, and you should see it at movie4k.to.


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Vacation Movie4k
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Vacation (2015)

The much-awaited remake of the popular, epic Chevy Chase films is here, starring comedians Ed Helms, who plays Rusty Griswald, the son of Chevy Chase, and Christina Applegate as his wife. In the desire to follow his dream of driving his family cross-country to bring his entire family on a vacation to the popular family theme park Walley World. He purchases a special car with fancy upgrades just for the trip, and what seems to be a typical, family vacation becomes a whirlwind of comical misadventures and misfortunes.

Ed Helms character is just downright ridiculous in a good way, and he has certainly played the “clueless” dad role pretty well. Christina Applegate shines in her role as a supportive, quirky wife, who also is quite the catch as she gets some special attention from a certain dude they encountered on their trip. Their two sons make this film even more of a fun riot to watch, available at movie 4k.


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Paper Towels Movie4k
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Paper Towns (2015)

Celebrated young adult fiction author John Green, who has reached quite the cult-following status, has another film in store after box-office success The Fault In Our Stars. Paper Towns is yet again another coming-of-age film that’s much lighter than the heavy drama of The Fault In Our Stars, and it tells about the story of a teenage guy named Quentin (played by Natt Wolff) who falls in love with his mysterious neighbor after he takes her into a reckless, spontaneous adventure around town. The plot thickens as Margo, the neighbor who is played by current Hollywood ‘it girl’ and supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne, suddenly disappears. Quentin then starts his quest to trace her steps and reunite with his newfound love.

While book-to-movie films are always quite tricky, director Jake Schreier does an excellent job in portraying that “John Green atmosphere” he has in his fictional books. Cara Delevingne’s first major acting role is excellent, and she is as enigmatic and effervescent in her role as she is as a model. Great romantic movie for the young and the young at heart, which is highly recommended you see over at movie2k.


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The Vatican Tapes Movie4k
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The Vatican Tapes (2015)

This film deals with the never-ending battle between heaven and hell, good and evil, by making use of yet again another Antichrist premise that is birthed to wreak havoc in the present time. Starring Olivia Taylor Dudley as Angela Holmes, a young woman who, on her 27th birthday, develops a strange ability to bring harm to those around her. When things get out of hand, the help of the Vatican was sought to help “exorcise” the demon within her.

Whilst most of the best scenes are already shown on the trailer, the pace of the film, though quite flat and sluggish at times, still offers spine-tingling moments that make you cling onto the edge of your seat. Get a glimpse inside the grandiose world of the Vatican, which adds quite the realistic edge that takes this film to new heights. Michael Peña, who plays the role of the priest who exorcises Angela, has an excellent performance, and you should definitely catch this film at movies4k.


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Pixels Movie4k
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Pixels (2015)

It’s been a while since Adam Sandler has put out an all-out wacky, out-of-this-world movie since Little Nicky, and Pixels seems like that film we’ve been waiting for that is equal parts goofy and geeky, and loads of fun. In Pixels, extraterrestrials in space have discovered video game footages, in which they interpret it as messages from Earth who are waging war against them. In defense, they retaliate by using video game models to attack the Earth. Adam Sandler and his pals, who are video-game arcade addicts, together with the US President, are now involved in an intergalactic battle to save mankind and the planet.

For comic book and video-game enthusiasts, the sight of the weapons being supplied by Michelle Monaghan, who plays a weapon creator who churns out fantastic gadgets to help Sandler and his crew fight the aliens. If you’re looking for a light comedy and loads of laughs, watch this at movie2k.


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Ant-Man Movie4k
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Ant-Man (2015)

If you’ve ever wondered how Paul Rudd would fare in a superhero role, then this is your chance! This new Marvel feature puts the spotlight on a backstory about The Avengers’ founding member. Armed with charming storytelling, this movie just has so much to like, even if it was not been made as big and overblown as most comic book superhero franchises.

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) has the ability to shrink himself (highly reminiscent of Honey I Shrunk The Kids by Disney, by the way). This superpower was he acquired from a stolen “Pym Particle”, which he got a hold of whilst trying to rob a rich man’s estate after getting out of prison. This film really stands out, as it is able to bring something very refreshing to the table, a table full of those stereotypical, overused superhero plots that we’ve all seen and have grown tired of. You’re in for a delightful, comical treat, and you must see this at movies4k.


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Self_less Movie4k
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Self/Less (2015)

This film is a science fiction, drama thriller whose basic premise is an old man with terminal cancer, played by award-winning Ben Kingsley, in efforts to avoid death and a desire to pursue another chance at youth, transports his consciousness to a healthy young man’s body, who is then played by Ryan Reynolds. While this process called “shedding” has been successful, Kingsley then uncovers more twists and turns once he forgets to take his daily medicine. Flashbacks of the previous life of the body he now inhabits start to resurface, and he finds himself desperately entangled in quite a predicament.   The premise of the film is intriguing enough to set it apart from other sci-fi features that have used the same concept already, and the plot offers enough interest to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Though a bit sluggish in pace, you will enjoy the lavish, grand cinematography, which is just as expected from director Tarsem Singh. If you disregard the more intellectual loopholes and suspend logic for a bit in analyzing the plot, it’s quite an enjoyable, thought-provoking movie, which you should see at movie4k.


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Trainwreck Movie4k
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Trainwreck (2015)

Judd Apatow has definitely amassed a cult following as his films are among the best comedies you can find in Hollywood. And by comedies, I mean good ones, not corny, overdone Adam Sandler type of films that’s just waiting to die. Judd Apatow’s films have the edge of a sharp wit, performed excellently by great actors who just pull off this type of comedic style so effortlessly.

If you’re a fan of Bill Hader of SNL fame, this film will indulge you with more of Bill’s signature comedic acting. But the star of this film is Amy Schumer (who also happens to have written the film as well) who plays an outgoing journalist who was assigned to write a piece on Bill Hader, who plays the role of a sports medicine physician. Brie Larson is also part of a superb, supporting cast. It’s a hilarious romantic comedy that certainly should not be missed at movie2k.


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The Gallows Movie4k
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The Gallows (2015)

Quintessential horror-suspense films that are set in haunted high schools, starring a bunch of teenagers are a normal occurrence in Hollywood. The Gallows is a film about a haunted school theater, whose disturbed spirits are angered 20 years later after the death of a previous student inside the theater.

This film makes use of tried-and-tested “found footage” device techniques to elevate the spooky factor a few notches higher. Characterized by shaky, hand-held camerawork, bad lighting, and lots of screams and illuminated terrified faces, this technique certainly gives the film a boost that it desperately needs. The Gallows offers enough suspenseful moments to keep you in your seat, and that’s a good thing, which you can catch at movies4k.


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Minion Movie4k
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Minions (2015)

If you haven’t got enough for these yellow, insanely cute bouncy creatures, Minions has proven to be a superb animated film that’s set out to give you and your kids a load of laughs.

This prequel shows the Minion’s journey into finding the most-evil villain to whom they’ll offer themselves to. Sandra Bullock is the voice of Scarlet Overkill, and together with the Minions they embark on a quest to steal the crown jewels.

It’s a great film to catch on movie2k, and it is guaranteed to be loads of fun especially for young children, who just seem to be so enamored by these crazy yellow creatures. The animation is flawlessly in 3D, and even if the plot is a bit simplistic and definitely pales in comparison to Despicable me, the Minions won’t fail to put a smile on your face at least and still proves to be highly enjoyable.


Watch Minions (2015) online now
Big Game Movie4k
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Big Game (2015)

We’re all tired of those Hollywood action flicks with the president getting himself into trouble, peppered with special effects, some good vs. evil-let’s-save-the-world plot. Big Game offers a refreshing twist to that overused plot by throwing into the mix an adorable Finnish boy in the forests of mountainous Finland.

While innocently on his journey to spend a night in the forest all alone, which is a traditional rite-of-passage in Finland, Oskari witnesses a crash, and gets entangled in a mess that involves the president of the United States, played by Samuel L. Jackson, and national security, Air Force, and so on. I know the plot sounds heavily ridiculous at this point, but this film at movie4k.to aims to entertain. It might not win Oscars, but it’s best to let Samuel L. Jackson do his thing and let him offer you a superb performance. Enjoy the majestic scenery of the Finnish landscape, too!


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Love & Music Movie4k
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Love & Mercy (2015)

If you’re a fan of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson is your hero, and you consider Pet Sounds to be the sountrack of your life, then Love & Mercy is a delightful, introspective look at the inner workings, madness, and genius of the frontman Brian Wilson. During a rough period in his life, Brian had suffered from psychological problems and had no one to turn to. He sought the help of a psychiatrist (played by Paul Giamatti) and befriended a car saleslady (Elizabeth Banks).

This film depicts Brian’s life in two periods, in the 60’s and in the 80’s. Brian is excellently played by Paul Dano (younger Brian), and John Cusack (older Brian) in the film. As listeners of the Beach Boys, we rarely get to see how songs are created from thin air. It is definitely a treat to see “God Only Knows” and “Good Vibrations” played on the screen at movie 4k, giving us a glimpse of the creative process behind these epic, unforgettable tunes.


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Max Movie4k
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Max (2015)

There’s always a heartwarming, “aww” quality to films that feature our furry companions in this world. This film follows the story of Max who is a military dog in Afghanistan who, after suffering from stress from his handler’s passing away in the war, was set out to be put down until his handler’s family decides to adopt him and bring him to the US. It is here that he meets a young boy, and an adorable friendship ensues.

Surely this film will strike a chord to animal lovers, and those who like action flicks. The film is a paced a bit slowly, but picks up towards the latter half of the film. Cinematography is done well, and strong performances by the cast (notably the dog and the kid) make this film over at movies4k quite enjoyable. This is quite refreshing from the usual rom com or zombie flick that’s been gracing the screens lately.


Watch Max (2015) online now