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Coherence Movie4k

Coherence (2014)

This film is a sci-fi thriller and is about one night where eight friends got together at a dinner party. That night turns out to be an astrological anomaly. The movie was directed by James Ward Byrkit and stars Maury Sterling, Lauren Maher, Elizabeth Gracen, and others. You can catch it at movie2k.

The eight friends consists of a dancer whose career is not going any further, with her boyfriend, who adds to the tension of the evening by telling a story about his former girlfriend who is one of the eight friends. Mike is also present at the dinner and was peeved that nobody among his friends remembered that he starred in a movie titled “Roswell”. This is the atmosphere when a mind bending astrological event happened.

This movie is a proof that you can do something great with very little resources. The director has made a good film with a movie that only has half the budget of most indie films.


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Kingsman- The Secret Service Movie4k

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

This film tells the story of an experienced spy working for a super-secret organization who recruits a street kid who manifests some talent for spy work. It stars Colin Firth as the veteran spy, and Taron Egerton as the young kid. The movie was directed by Matthew Vaughn.

A tech genius poses a global security threat which must be stopped by the spy organization. Colin Firth saws in a young street kid the workings of a successful operative for his secret organization.

He enlists the young guy for the organizations specialized training which will prepare him for the very special work he will do to stop the tech genius from making his evil plan work.

If you are fond of spy movies with all its attendant violent actions and intrigues, you need to watch this film at Movie2k. Colin Firth is brilliant in his role as a veteran spy, and Taron Edgerton lends him able support.


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Shamitabh (2015)

This movie tells about a very unique story about two very different people becoming one. The stars of the movie are Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush, Akshara and others. They were directed by R. Balki, who also wrote the story.

Amitabh and Dhanush wanted to enter the entertainment industry, but they can’t until they join forces. Dhanush has great acting talents but is a mute, while Amitabh has a very strong voice but has great difficulty in acting.

On their own, they have no chance in even making it to the first level in show business. However, both have strong egos which prevent them from acting as one. You need to watch the rest of the story at movie 4k.

One great thing about this movie is the superb performances of the two lead actors, Dhanush and Amitabh. They portrayed the main characters very well, especially Dhanush who manages to get noticed while acting in scenes with veteran Amitabh.


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Love is Strange Movie4k

Love is Strange (2014)

Love is Strange is a movie that depicts the relationship of two gay lovers. It stars John Lithgow as Ben and Alfred Molina as George and ably supported by Charlie Tahan, Darren Burrows, and others. The film was directed by Ira Sachs. You can watch it at movie4k.

After being gay lovers for 39 long years, Ben and George decided to take advantage of the new marriage laws of New York. George was a closet gay, and marrying Ben means he will need to reveal what he really is. And this poses a problem with the Catholic school where he is employed as a music teacher.

This film has a very emotional tale to tell and Lithgow and Molina were able to portray the characters believably. It will show you how important love, family, friendships and work are and how they must combine effectively to make a person happy and fulfilled.


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Snow in Paradise Movie4k

Snow in Paradise (2014)

This film is the story of a petty criminal in London surviving on drugs and violence. It stars Frederick Schmidt, Martin Askew, David Spinx, and others. The movie was directed by Andrew Hulme.

In the crime-ridden area of East London, specifically in trendy Hoxton, Micky (Spinx) and Jimmy (Askew) where fighting for control. Dave (Schmidt), a young fellow, is caught in the middle because his late father was the former top honcho in the area.

It follows that Dave also wanted to be just like his father. However, he just does not have the brains necessary to get that position. You can follow the rest of the story at movie4k.

It is really difficult to put in a new spin to an old tale but this initial foray of Andrew Hulme who is an experienced film editor has done it nicely. It plays well into some hot button issues that strike at the heart of the movie watcher.


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Jupiter Ascending Movie4k

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

This film is about a Messiah figure, although this time it is a female. It stars Mila Kunis in the title role, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne and others. The movie was directed by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. You can watch it at movie2k.

Although born poor, Jupiter Jones was predicted to do great things when she grows up. She dreams of the stars, but is faced with the realities of a lowly job of cleaning other people’s properties and bad breaks that never seem to end. Her situation suddenly shifts when she met Caine an ex-military hunter who is genetically engineered.

This is a good movie with a good story plot, although it is somewhat an updated version of the Matrix. There are lots of action scenes and the special effects are really very impressive. They are innovative, and graphically the best you would ever see so far.


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The SpongeBob Movie- Sponge Out of Water Movie4k

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015)

This animation movie is about the time when SpongeBob tries to recover a stolen recipe which quest requires him to get out of water. The voices of the characters were supplied by Antonio Banderas, Bill Fagerbakke, Clancy Brown, Rodger Bumpass, Tom Kenny and others. It was directed by Mike Mitchell and Paul Tibbitt.

When Plankton again attempts to steal the Krabby Patty recipe from Mr. Krabbs, the formula vanishes mysteriously. Not able to recover the recipe, the social order in the peaceful city of Bikini Bottom starts to break down: its citizens began to act savagely for not being able to eat their favorite snack. You got to watch it at movie4k.

This is a movie that is fun to watch. It has many funny jokes that will really tickle your ribs and the artwork is great. There were some 3D moments in the film which made it more interesting to watch.


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Seventh Son Movie4k

Seventh Son (2015)

This is an action fantasy movie that is about an evil entity that can reignite the war between humans and supernatural forces. It was directed by Sergey Bodrov and stars Alicia Vikander, Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. You can watch this film at movie2k.

The last of the Falcon Knights, Master Gregory (Bridges) had caught and incarcerated the powerful wicked witch, Mother Malkin (Moore) a long time ago. Unfortunately, she managed to escape and is now seeking vengeance. She is calling all her minions to prepare to unleash her fierce wrath against the innocents of the world.

You will love this movie especially with the superb acting of Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. The spectacular sets are really impressive and the special effects are awesome. The director has woven the story in a way that will excite you from the first scene up to last when the evil witch is again defeated.


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About Last Night Movie2k

About Last Night (2014)

About Last Night is a romantic comedy directed by Steve Pink and based on the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet. The film stars Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant.

If you watch free movies online, you’ll probably know that this is a remake of the 1986 film of the same name starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. Just like in the original, About Last Night follows the story of a couple as they try to cope with the joys and pains of being in a serious relationship. There’s really nothing here that’s unique and some elements will be very familiar. However, the comical antics of Hall and Hart make this very watchable.

The film deviates a lot from Mamet’s play, but it works out as far as romantic comedies go because the story balances humor with romance well, and it actually offers a lot of insights into love.


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