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Ride Along 

Ride Along is an action comedy flick about one man’s attempt to prove his worth to the girl he loves, and with some funny consequences. The film stars Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Tika Sumpter and is directed by Tim Story with a screenplay by Jason Mantzoukas and Greg Coolidge.

If you like to watch free movies online, especially comedies, Ride Along is a good choice. It follows the story of security guard Ben Barber (played by Hart) who wants to prove to his brother in law James Payton (well played by Ice Cube) that he’s the right man for Angela, James’ sister. To do this, the guys go on patrol and that’s where the trouble begins.

If you like cop action comedy flicks, Ride Along won’t disappoint, as there are plenty of laughs here. The storyline may be somewhat predictable, but overall Ride Along is a fun movie that showcases the comedic skills of Hart and ice Cube.  


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