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“Romeo and Juliet” Indian-style is what Ram-Leela is all about, a visual feast for the eyes with festive music, choreographed dance numbers, bright outfits, overwrought melodrama, and physical stunts that could defy the natural laws of physics. Yet what director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie comes up with is Romeo and Juliet: The Musical.

Starring Bollywood’s darling, Deepika Padukone, and eye candy Ranveer Singh as the star-crossed lovers, Ram-Leela is actually titillating only because of Padukone and Singh and only because the star-crossed lovers angle shows a lot of body and skin. After all, other versions of Romeo and Juliet were built around love, not lust, which Ram-Leela has plenty of. If you want more meat in a love story, go watch “Romeo and Juliet” on free movie streaming sites in the Whiting-Hussey or DiCaprio-Danes versions.

Then again, this Indian Romeo and Juliet are definitely not teenagers but 30-something adults. Ram-Lee may not be a complete disaster because of the intricate choreography, albeit the musical numbers in Bollywood movies are always randomly inserted in scenes. Ram-Lee is more “West Side Story,” another one adapted from “Romeo and Juliet,” with a lot more flesh, literally.


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