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Instructions Not Included

Instructions Not Included is a Mexican drama comedy film about a carefree playboy who ends up raising a baby daughter left at his doorstep, and his attempts to find the baby’s mother. The movie stars Eugenio Derbez as the playboy Valentín along with Jessica Lindsey, Loreto Peralta, Daniel Raymont and Alessandra Rosaldo.

The movie has some genuinely funny moments, and Derbez and Peralta work very well and have real chemistry. Also, the scenes where Valentin is raising Maggie his daughter, are both amusing and touching. While there are some genuinely funny and dramatic scenes in the movie, it’s a bit too long though, and too much time is given to the supporting players with some rather uneven results.

Even so, this is still quite an entertaining film, and if you love comedies with a touch of drama, you will like this one. You can watch Instructions Not Included and other free online movies at movie2k.


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