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Sylvester Stallone tries his hand at scriptwriting and ends up with Homefront, an oft-repeated tale of a widower with a military/police/espionage past who retires as a DEA agent and hangs up his gun/badge/hidden cam so he can be with his young daughter. But the ex grunt/cop/spy always picks the wrong town, so he ends up fending off the same kind of guys he used to shoot and/or put in jail.

See Homefront on movie2k with Jason Stratham as ex-DEA agent Phil Broker, James Franco as meth dealer Gator Bodie, Kate Bosworth as Bodine’s sister Cassie Klum, Clancy Brown as Sheriff Rodriguez, and Winona Ryder as Bodine’s girlfriend Sheryl Mott and judge for yourself whether the actors were underutilized or the casting was just done all wrong.

Homefront’s screenplay inconsistently gives the audience false hope that it’s an action-drama movie with more of the action depicting the token brawls between good and bad guys and less of the drama that father-daughter bonding takes on when they know that they have nobody else except each other.


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