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All Is Lost 

All is Lost is an adventure film about a man and his attempts to stay alive despite the seemingly insurmountable odds. Robert Redford stars in the film and it is written and directed by J.C. Chandor.

There are many free online movies, but All is Lost stands out for its originality. Redford plays a sailor who finds his yacht slowly sinking after being struck by a shipping container. His performance here is nothing less than superlative, and you’ll be immersed watching him use whatever limited resources he has to fight the ocean waters. Credit must also be given to Chandor’s script and direction, which are riveting.

The story is very straightforward, and there are no subplots or supporting characters here, yet All is Lost will keep you engrossed all throughout. The movie is on the surface about a man’s battle for survival, but it also provides you with deep insights into the character and will of the human soul.


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